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Second Class Maintenance


Regular inspection vessel into external inspection, internal and
external inspection and internal pressure test three. Inspection

    External inspection: at least once a year;
and external inspection: 1,2-level security rating, at least once every
six years, the security situation for the three, at least once every
three years.

test: for fixed pressure vessel, twice in each period in the external
examination at least once a pressure test, mobile pressure vessels, at
least once every six years, the pressure test.

external examination level, pressure test and cryogenic (adiabatic)
pressure vessel inspection requirements to perform specific Vessel Code
Article 133-139.

Safety Accessories

bursting disc valve manufacturing units must hold national
manufacturing license issued by the Ministry of Labor, to be
manufactured. Use unit shall manufacture themselves.

2. The use of a safety valve safety valve management execution by the factory management and safety management approach.
The vessel is equipped with blasting films, burst pressure shall not
exceed the design pressure of the vessel, and to ensure that the
pressure inside the container quickly bleed.

4. toxic, explosive rupture disc media container vent duct discharge port
should be located, and lead to a safe place or disposed of properly.

5. bursting disc should be replaced once a year, not blast overpressure rupture disc should be replaced immediately.
When the rupture disc burst pressure retest (in working condition test)
should be in charge of equipment and safety technicians present.

installation shall comply with the provisions of the National Metrology
department, check the pressure gauge at least once a year, the new
gauge should be purchased upon check before use. After examination of
the proper gauge certification seals.

8. gauges must be tested by measurement units and personnel approved by the department.
9. Low pressure gauge accuracy is not less than 2.5 container, the container should not be less than the pressure above 1.5.
10. gauge disc diameter not less than 100 mm, dial scale limit should be
1.5 to 3 times the maximum working pressure of the container, preferably
taken 2 times. Gauges installed position, the operator should be easy
to observe, and to avoid the high temperature, freezing and vibration.

.pressure gauge should be installed between the container three cocks
type valve to remove or replace proofreading gauge, water trap should be
between a container containing steam pressure gauge and container.
Between temperature and highly corrosive media dressed container with
pressure gauge, should be isolated buffer device.

12. working medium is a gas-liquid two-phase coexistence container shall be fitted with liquid level gauge or indicator.
containing flammable liquefied gas container of toxic, poisonous medium
level gauge glass plate must be automatic level indicator.

Should prevent leakage of liquid level gauge devices and protective cover on 4.4.14 or liquid level gauge indicator.
level gauge vapor, liquid connected to pipe shut-off valve should be
installed there, there should be drain valve for cleaning and


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