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Burner for Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

With the development of national energy conservation and environmental protection, traditional coal boilers can no longer meet the need of the time, a type of high thermal efficiency and clean boilers appear in the market, that is, the oil-fired boiler, and this oil fired hot water boilers use burners for ignition and combustion.

Horizontal three pass wet back oil fired steam boilers

Oil fired hot water boiler burner is a device to make the fuel and air spray combustion in a certain way, to guarantee boiler economically and safely continuous operate under rated load. Following is the analysis of oil-fired hot water boiler burner types by ZG Boiler:

1. Jet burner: there are many kinds of this burner. According to combustion way, some mixed air preheating combustion and flame-less combustion; ejecting media can be air or natural gas under a certain pressure, the former needs a blowing devices.

2. This burner structure is simple, and can take advantage of 300-400Pa low pressure gas. But excess air coefficient in the furnace, flame is longer, requires larger furnace volume, but low burn speed, only for very small volumes of oil-fired hot water boiler.

3. Blower burner uses air preheater to heat the air, has a large regulation ratio, and can use low pressure gas. This burner is now the most widely used in industrial gas fired hot water boiler. Drawback is the blower needed to increase power.

Romiter Boiler provides horizontal oil fired hot water boiler, its burner adopts German Weishaupt, Finland Olin, Italy RIELLO, etc famous international brands to ensure the boiler safely operation.


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