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How to Prevent Sudden Flameout of Oil Fired Boiler


During operation of oil fired boiler, if mishandled,Sudden flameout may cause the safety accident. Therefore,we should
actively seek reasons of sudden flameout to prevent that, here are some preventive measures for your

  1. Reduce the flooding water in the process of transportation, loading and
    unloading,and use,oil tank should have dehydration facilities,and be
    checked regularly.
  2. Check the quality of the oil,and timely grasp the oil change,when the
    change of oil type is big,the mixed oil test of new oil and original oil
    is needed to determine whether they can be stored in a same tank,which
    can prevent the blockage of oil tank caused by a lot of not easy
    dissolved substances produced in the mix of different oil.
  3. If there is coking in the furnace,we should eliminate that timely,and
    check the quality of oil,if the oil is too dirty,we should clean the
    filter screen or replace the oil.

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