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Vacuum boiler for bath center

In recent years, vacuum boilers are slowly being
accepted, mainly for civilian use, such as hotel, office building,
schools, hospitals, sauna center, leisure club, factory and bath center.

Vacuum boiler for bath center

Vacuum boiler is a good choice for supplying hot water for bath center,
for its zero risk of explosion, no annual inspection comparing with
traditional hot water boilers. Vacuum boiler can form a negative
pressure in the sealing furnace body, by heating the medium water, then
evaporation and condensation to the heat exchanger, finally generate
high temperature and high pressure water.


There is no risk of explosion, swelling, rupture, the vacuum hot water boiler for sale is safe and reliable to be used in bath center. Besides, no scaling and
corrosion in the boiler can prolong the boiler service life and low the
investment. In contrast with other hot water boiler, the gas fired vacuum hot water boiler is compact designed and can be modularly arranged and more effective in the running.

Vacuum boiler manufacturer

Romiter Machinery has independently innovated the ZWNS series vacuum hot water boiler, including oil vacuum boiler and gas vacuum boiler. We are a professional manufacturer of vacuum boiler and we’d like to provide tailored solutions for industrial heating production.

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