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Wood Pellet Boilers

Biomass Fuel Fired Steam Generator

Wood Pellet Fired Steam Generator adopt low cost, enviromental friendly biomass wood pellet as fuel. Such wood pellet fired steam generator is widely used in Textile Industry, Lau ...
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Wood Pellet Fired Steam Generator adopt low cost, enviromental friendly biomass wood pellet as fuel. Such wood pellet fired steam generator is widely used in Textile Industry, Laundry.


Feature of Pellet Fired Steam Generator: 

  • Advanced Design: Biomass wood pellet steam generator adopts separated design boiler proper and fuel feeding system. Small size with large power
  • High efficient and energy-saving: Our biomass boilers using gasification ways to have complete combustion, boiler heating up rapidly, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%; the furnace body with a multi-return structure maximally increase the heat transfer area, so the heat can be completely conversion; configured a dedicated afterheat recovery unit, greatly reducing the cost of burning because of the exhaust low pipe temperature.
  • Safety Operation:  Equipped with over-temperature protection, over-pressure protection, water leakage alarm protection, and high quality safety valve to make sure the safety operation of steam generator
  • Intelligent Control: we adopt microcomputer one-button operation, automatic feed automatic ignition, start and stop cycle, and fault alarm function, simple and easy operation.
  • Environmental Protection: to promote environmental protection the fuel of this kind boiler are biomass fuels, affordable, worry-free about wide variety of sources; special gasification chamber can make the fuel material into half-full gasification combustion, no need to set up the tall chimney, only connect the boiler air-outlet to outdoor; and configured the special dust removal device, no visible smoke emissions.
  • Labor Save: Automatic feed automatic ignition, only feeding 1-2 times per day, the configuration of the drawer type hopper, easy and simple cleanup, greatly reduce labor intensity. Low water level protection, over pressure protection and over temperature protection system make sure the system safety operation.

Application Scope:

  1. Laundry and ironing industry: used with dry cleaning, drying, bulk washer, dehydrator, mangle, steam iron and so on.
  2. Packing industry: used with labelling machine, shrink label
  3. Bio-chemical industry: used with fermentation cylinder, reactor, jacketed pan, blender, mulser machine
  4. Food processing machine: used with bean curd machine, steam box, sterilizer tank, packing machine, paint equipment
  5. Other industry:Steam cleaning industry, hot water supply in hotel, school, accommodation, concrete curing, Sauna bath, heat exchange equipment

Biomass Fuel Steam Generator Parts

1) Boiler proper

2) Microcomputer controller
3) Automatic feeder system(included storage hopper, kickstand of hopper, electric motor for feeding)
4) Automatic ignition system (included electric heater, flame monitor)
5) Waste heat recovery
6) Dust catcher
7) Induced draft fan
8) Forced draft fan


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