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Combustion ways of gas heating boiler

In the using of gas heating boiler, the combustion way is also very important, different ways will bring different influence on the boiler combustion efficiency, in this text, Romiter Machinery will give the analysis of its several combustion ways.

Flameless combustion

The air and the gas has been mixed evenly before burning,the primary air excess air coefficient is equal to the excess air coefficient of fuel complete combustion,the combustion process does not need to get oxygen from the surrounding air,when the mixture of gas and air reaches the combustion zone,it can finish the combustion in an instant.

Diffusion combustion

The combustion is due to inter-diffusion of gas and air in the gas nozzle.Its has the advantages such as stable burning,simple structure,but it has longer flame,is easy to produce the incomplete combustion,carbonizing the heating surface.

Premixed combustion

The gas heating boiler burner generally use the combustion way,before burning,in advance mix part of the air and gas (the primary excess air coefficient is between 0.2-0.8),and then burn.It has the advantages of clear flame,burning reinforcement,high thermal efficiency,but the combustion is unstable,the primary air control and combustion components demand is higher.

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