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Energy Saving Measures for Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Energy saving technology represents the tech level of boiler industry
and it is also the primary problem to consider in the boiler
manufacturing. With the implementation of national eco-friendly policy,
the traditional coal fired boiler industry is gradually replaced by the gas fired steam boiler. An energy saving revolution takes place in the industrial heat power field.


Except for the boiler improvement mentioned above, some energy conserved
measures can also be taken to reach the purpose. Romiter Machinery has
collected several energy saving methods:

1. Confirm the rated power and needed boiler amount according to the
needed steam volume. The more these two data matches, more practical
the boiler will be. Then the energy saving effect will be better.

2. The good contact between fuel and air:well combustion of moderate
mixture of air and fuel will improve the combustion efficiency and
reduce pollutant discharge.

3. Reduce the exhaust temperature of the gas fired steam boiler:
effectively utilize the boiler waste heat. The efficiency of common
boiler is 85%- 88%, and the exhaust temperature is 220-230℃. However, if
a economizer is set in the boiler, the exhaust will reduce to 140-150℃
and the boiler efficiency will improve to 90-93%.

4. Recycling the boiler exhaust: make use of the heat energy of the
waste water, improve the feed water temperature to save energy.

Meanwhile, Romiter boiler engineers pointed that reasonable recycling and
utilizing the condensation water of the heat supplying system is also a
good way to conserve energy. 

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