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Notice for Gas Fired Boiler Room Construction


Gas fired boiler belongs to pressure equipment,natural gas belongs to combustible and
explosive fuel, during the
construction of gas fired boiler room we should pay attention to some problems. Romier Machinery as an
experienced industrial boiler manufacturer in China,gives the following
problems needing our attention:

Safe distance between gas fired boiler and buildings

The distance between the gas fired boiler and the building should meet
the needs of the operation,maintenance and layout of ancillary
facilities,and should not be less than 3.0m for the 1 ~ 4 t/h gas steam
boiler and 0.7~2.8MW gas hot water boiler,4.0m for the 6~20t/h gas steam
boiler and 4.2~14MW gas hot water boiler,5.0m for the 35~65t/h gas steam boiler and 29~58MW gas hot water boiler.

Safety measures of gas fired boiler room

Appropriate size air channels should be provided to ensure the
proper air for combustion and air conditioning. Generally ,there should
be two air channels for the air exchange with the air outside the gas
fired boiler room.

There should not be negative pressure in gas fired boiler room. If the
automatic combustion air damper is installed,it must implement the
interlock with the burner of gas fired boiler to ensure that the burner
will no longer work once the damper is closed.

Since the establishment of Romiter Maachinery many reliable gas fired boilers are designed and manufactured for the customers at home or
aboard.Advanced technology and good after-sales service of products have
won high reputation for her,please feel free to contact us for more

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