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Soot Blowing Frequency of Chain Grate Boiler


During coal fired boiler working, soot blowing is needed to avoid the fouling on heating surface.

Generally,the frequency of soot blowing is decided by the type of coal ash and the temperature of flue
gas form the air preheater.The rise of exhaust gas temperature indicates
the convection heating surface has too much fouling,the soot blowing is
needed.The traveling grate boilers of Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd.,has
designed the push-pull type gate soot cleaning device,the gate adopts
the heat-resistant cast iron finishing seal structure,which prevents the
deformation of secondary combustion and the air leakage of grate

The carbon monoxide emissions also can be used as an auxiliary
criterion to decide the frequency of soot blowing ,especially,when the
coal of poor activity is fired,the fouling contributes to the
gasification of flying ash containing carbon on the tube wall,which
increases the emission of carbon monoxide.The operating personnel must
be familiar with the characteristics of coal,and weigh the soot blowing
cost and the improvement of boiler efficiency.

Romiter traveling grate boilers is advantageous to the combustion of
inferior coal and can adapt to wind coal types, which have won the high
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