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Why steam of coal fired steam boiler is contaminated


In the production and supply of industrial steam,each enterprise is in urgent need of high quality steam,but practical effect is not good enough,because the steam outputted by the boiler is often contaminated seriously.Romiter Machinery,as an experienced coal fired boiler manufacturer,will analyze the reasons why the steam is contaminated to help the boiler users to avoid the problem.

The increase of coal fired steam boiler load

If the boiler load increases suddenly,the rising velocity of steam in the drum will increase,the steam has enough energy to bring the highly dispersed water drop out,which will worsen the steam quality,it is one of the main reasons of steam pollution.

The increase of boiler water concentration

There are a lot of bubble in the coal fired boiler boiler boiling water,with the increase of boiler water concentration,the bubble thickness also increases,and the effective space of drum will decrease constantly.The small droplets produced by bubbles fracture is easily be taken away by the steam flow,so that the steam is contaminated.

Too high water level

If the water level is too high,the drum steam space will be reduced,the steam quantity through the corresponding unit volume will increase,the steam flow rate increases,the droplet is also easily to be brought out,which will worsen the steam quality.

To provide the high quality steam, Romiter Machinery coal fired steam boiler adopts unique design and advanced technology based on the rich boiler manufacturing experience.Now the ZG coal fired boiler such as szl coal fired boiler is becoming more and more famous and popular at home and abroad,if you need professional guidance or boiler,do not hesitate to contact us!

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