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Pipe list of coal fired steam boiler

In the process of the supply of industrial steam, coal fired steam boileris
undoubtedly the most widely used one,in the previous articles Romiter Machinery
has introduced a lot about this boiler such as the choice of cleaning
agent, energy saving measures and so on.

this passage will analyze the pipe system of the boiler:

coal fired boiler

1. cylinder of coal-fired steam boiler: it is also called the
header which can stabilize the steam pressure,control and regulate the
steam of each branch pipe. Its production and installation are the same
as water separator, but the parent pipe, an outlet pipe, a safety valve,
pressure gauge, the emergency vent pipe and the position of water
condensation trap group should be ensured. 
2.The parent Steam pipe : it is the pipe line used to output steam.
a steam pipe connected between the port and the cylinder is called
steam pipe.
3.Condensed water system: it is mainly composed of condensate tank,
condensate pump, the second evaporator. Condensed water tank and pump
should be set up in the  lower position outside the boiler room. It can
also be installed at underground of a steam boiler room layer. In order
to facilitate the recycle of condensed water, recycled water
condensation in steam system can be used in the boiler and can reduce
the amount of softening water treatment.
4.Water treatment and water supply system: water treatment and
water supply system of coal-fired steam boiler mainly includes water
supply pump and soft water processing equipment to meet the requirements
of coal-fired steam boiler.
The furnace and combustion chamber of Romiter Machinery horizontal coal-fired
steam boiler adopts the membrane water wall structure which is solely
designed by Romiter Machinery. The membrane once used in the boiler plant is now
applicated in the packaged boiler. It has such advantages: high heat
transfer efficiency, better heat transfer effect, lower heat loss,
better air seal and no deformation in the boiler setting and no dusk

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