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Brief introduction of Coal Water Slurry Fuel Safe storage and transportation fuel: The presence of water in CWS reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and makes the coal ...
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Brief introduction of Coal Water Slurry Fuel

  1. Safe storage and transportation fuel: The presence of water in CWS reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and makes the coal explosion-proof. By converting the coal into a liquid form, delivery and dispensing of the fuel can be simplified.
  2. Low cost fuel: Because of the relatively low cost of coal when compared to other energy sources, CWS is a very competitive alternative to heating oil and gas. Depending on geographical area the price per unit energy of CWS may be 30% to 70% lower than the equivalent oil or gas.
  3. Cost effective and environmental friendly: Low emissions and low BTU cost (Gcal or MWh) make CWS very cost effective and environmental friendly fuel for heat and power generation.

CWS Fired Hot Air Furnace in Ceramic Industry

Ceramic industry belongs to high energy consumption industry, in which the fuel cost will occupy 20%-30% of the total production cost. Until now, because of low cost of coal water slurry fuel, CWS hot air furnace has been widely used in Chinese ceramic industry.

In Guangzhou, Shandong and Zhejiang, CWS fired hot air furnace win 80% market in ceramic industry. Coal water slurry has been the most reliable fuel for ceramic industry.

Why Choose CWS Hot Air Furnace

  1. Ceramic industry has a strict requirement of raw coal for coal water slurry preparation, especially for sulfur content. Because of the hot air created by coal water slurry touch with ceramic powder directly, the SOx and H2O with reflect and become H2SO4 or H2SO3, this component will change the color of glaze, which increase the defective index. SO, in order to avoid this problem, sulfur content of raw coal should lower than 1%.    
  2. Desulfuration of coal water slurry is easy to realized, add 3%-5% limestone flour will achieve high efficient desulfuration effect.
  3. Because of the low temperature combustion of coal water slurry, the temperature is about 150℃ lower than coal or oil fired hot air furnace, which realized the low NOx production combustion. What’s more, the steam created during combustion will restore NOx to N2. After sit test, the exhaust NOx content of CWS hot air furnace is not more than half of oil fired hot air furnace.
  4. Ceramic industry has strict requirement for ash content of hot air, especially polished tile. So, many polished tile factory is very cautious about using coal water slurry hot air furnace. For this question, our patent high-temperature dust removal technology make the ash content of hot air reach the requirement for polished tile. Ringelman emittance grade is lower than one grade, there is no difference with oil or gas fired hot air furnace.
  5. Coal water slurry hot air furnace and coal gas station is best partner in ceramic industry. During the operation of coal gas station, there will produce large quantity of carbolisata aqua, which include phenyl compound. Phenyl compound is cancerogenic substance. If this substance is discharged to outside, the environment would be pollution, which will cause health hazard to citizen around the site. Generally, coal gas station is equipped with arbolisata aqua incinerator. However, coal water slurry can use the waste of coal gas station to make coal water slurry to resolve the stubborn pollution problem

All in all, coal water slurry hot air furnace is an dual benefit resolution for cost saving and environment protection.

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