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Thermal Oil Heaters

CWSF Coal Water Slurry Thermal Oil Heaters

As a new-type acid fuel in the place of oil base, water coal slurry is a high-tech product developed after the world oil crisis, serving as a new member of the fuel family. Water ...
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As a new-type acid fuel in the place of oil base, water coal slurry is a high-tech product developed after the world oil crisis, serving as a new member of the fuel family. Water coal slurry is  manufactured by means of coal, rich in reserve and moderate in price, as the  major material after being ground and refined in addition of 27%~35% water and 1% chemical additive  and etc.. It enjoys liquidity as good as and can be pumped, atomized and combusted as well as petroleum. With the calorific value equal to half of that of petroleum, its burn-up rate is raised from 60% of crude coal up to 90%, far higher than coal. Water coal slurry enjoys many advantages such as high combustion, good liquidity, facilitation of transportation, good storability and safety in use, etc., which  can be widely used in industrial boiler, civilian boiler, thermal media furnace and power-station boiler. Falling in the national development program, water coal slurry would have a very promising market in the future.

  1. Heat Support:1800~35000kW
  2. Technical Features:
  3. Energy efficient design concept
  4. Optimal Design of the structure of thecombustion chamber
  5. Optimal Design technology of heat intensityof space
  6. More radiation paragraph structure
  7. Large radiating heat-absorbing technology
  8. Enhanced convection heat transfertechnology
  9. Automatic cleaning and multi-directionalcleaning technology
  10. Gas temperature control technology of mouthand throat furnace outlet
  11. Auto reset technology of explosion-proofdoors
  12. Optimal configuration system technology
  13. Complementary multi-stage dust removaltechnology
  14. Highly automated combustion controltechnology
  15. Dust and desulfurization removal technology
  16. Waste- heat recovery and otherenvironmental control technology

Coal Water Slurry Thermal Oil Heaters

Coal-Water-Slurry-Thermal-Oil-Heaters-2 Coal-Water-Slurry-Steam-Boilers

Parameter Table of Coal Water Slurry Thermal Oil Heaters

Model YGL-1800A YGL-3000A YGL-4600A YGL-70000A YGL-14000A
Power 1800(160) 3000(250) 4600(400) 7000(600) 14000(1200)
Thermal Efficiency 78 78 78 78 80
Rated Pressure 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Fuel Consumption 426~450 710~750 1090~1150 1700~1800 3450~3600
Heating Surface 24/76 42/133 67/232 125/315 213/660
Rated Working Temperature 340 340 340 320 320
Oil Circulating Volume 100 160 260 400 635
Outline Dimension(L*W*H) 7.0*2.7*4.5 7.8*2.9*5.3 9.3*3.2*6.5 10*3.5*6.5 17.6*5.3*8.6
Weight(t) 35 48 75 103 190
Transportation Weight(t) 22 30 45 60 30
Transportation Dimension(L*W*H) 6.8*2.7*2.2 7.7*2.9*2.5 8.3*3.2*2.8 9.1*3.5*3.0 13.7*4.6*3.8

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