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how to unlock energy savings and lower maintenance costs in steam boiler feedwater storage systems

The new Spirax Sarco Steam Boiler Feedwater Storage Technology White Paper outlines how best practice feedwater storage system design and operation can unlock higher energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

Implementing an effective feedwater storage system will help to avoid corrosion damage in the boiler and steam and condensate loop. It helps to ensure the entire steam system runs with minimum energy consumption and that modern package boilers are able to efficiently meet the fluctuating demands required by many of today’s industries. A well-designed feedwater storage system will also help protect a steam system operator’s capital investment by extending the lifetime of the plant.

The White Paper highlights new technologies that can help steam plant owners and operators to get the most from their steam boiler feedwater storage system. These include deaeration, a process of heating feedwater to remove oxygen from the feedwater. Deaeration substantially reduces the amount of oxygen-scavenging chemicals that need to be introduced into the feedwater system to help eliminate dissolved oxygen, reducing the cost of treatment chemicals.

The White Paper describes the two types of deaerator available – atmospheric and pressurised – and explains how correctly specifying the right type of deaerator can help steam system operators to achieve a host of benefits, including:

– Greater energy efficiency
– Improved boiler efficiency
– Increased productivity
– Reduced operating costs

Finally, the White Paper invites steam system operators to take advantage of a professional survey of their installed feedwater storage system to ascertain the most effective ways to comply with industry best practice and Health & Safety legislation.

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