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Introduction of Steam Boiler Combustion Modes


Steam boiler is used in more and more industry. Generally, steam boiler can be divided into layer
burning steam boiler, suspension burning steam boiler and fluidized bed
combustion steam boiler. Based on the combustion modes, Layer
burning steam boiler can be divided into the following kinds:

Chain grate steam boiler

It is a form of traditional coal fired steam boiler,is suitable for
large, medium and small steam boiler because of the high degree of
mechanization,mature manufacturing processes,stable and reliable running
and high combustion rate.

Reciprocating grate steam boiler

The steam boiler is a fuel-burning equipment using the reciprocating
motion of grate to implement the mechanization of coal supply,slag
removal and poking the fire.According to the arrangement,the
reciprocating grate can be divided into inclined reciprocating grate and
horizontal reciprocating grate.

Fixed grate steam boiler

It is one of the most ancient and simple layer combustion equipment,the
fixed grate can be divided into two kinds:single layer grate and
double-layer grate.The single layer grate is made of cast iron,the
double layer grate has two layer grates,the upper grate is composed of
water cooling tubes,and the lower grate is composed of ordinary cast
iron,the wind chamber is above the upper grate,the ash pits is under the
lower grate,the combustion chamber is between the two layer grates.

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